It is a story about Istanbul, capturing its original beauty, atmosphere, culture, and traditions.
This story presents an opportunity to showcase what truly embodies the soul of the city, while expressing gratitude towards the warm Turkish people and the city itself, which has become a second home.
From bustling bazaars to vibrant graffiti, from elderly individuals engrossed in board games during evenings to the ubiquitous presence of tea, cats, and the sea, Istanbul is adorned with small shops, vintage and street furniture, folk art, and simit sellers. It exudes a feeling of joy, freedom, and unity, regardless of circumstances. The city is also a tapestry of intricate patterns and ornaments, characterized by a vivid array of colors and aromas. Istanbul encompasses all of this and much more.

photography, art direction Alisa Volchenko
stylist Tatiana Miroshnikova
models Radomir Tsymbal, Kristina Sukhorukova, Stacy Bogdanova,
Ekaterina Tsedrik, Yuri Todorov, Tatiana Miroshnikova
assistants Nikita Starodubcev, Ekaterina Gushchina