photographer and content-creator in Istanbul
Nice to meet you! My name is Alisa, I am a 26-year-old content-creator from Russia living in Istanbul since March 2022. I speak English and Russian.

In 2018 I graduated from the Institute of Cinematography. I produced 4 short films while studying there (IMDB). I worked as a creative producer at Nash, video production company. Over 4 years, my team of producers, directors, DOPs, etc., implemented more than 70 creative projects. Also I worked as a marketing project-manager in creative advertising agency.

Now I want to offer you my services as a photographer, content-creator or creative producer. You can find my portfolio below. I will be glad to collaborate worldwide.
social media visual conceptions
stages of work with social media accounts
Brief and character unpacking
Client fill out a brief with questions about goals, taste preferences, interests. Based on the brief answers, I form a detailed mind map with ideas for content, account analysis and recommendations
Content visual conception
I make a visual concept of profile grid using mood, art, colour references. We discuss it with client and approve
Pre-production and shooting
I am developing a moodboard for shooting. The moodboard shows locations, references for images, make-up, poses, frames.

I negotiate with models and locations, stylist selects suits

In 5 hours it is possible to shoot a variety of content for a month on Instagram (12 posts & 15 stories & 1 reel). The final amount of days of shooting depends on wishes for complexity of images, locations etc.
Photo editing and visualization
I edit photos and make a preview of the instagram feed, we discuss wishes and make corrections if necessary

We go to celebrate and accidentally take 10 more photos that client wants to post as soon as possible